Disability Day Centre [ Dien Ban, Vietnam ]

Disability Day Care Centre

Dien Ban, Vietnam

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Client : Jackie Wrafter, Kianh Foundation
Current Status : Complete


Project Summary :

Architects without Frontiers Australia (AWF) worked with the Kianh Foundation from 2008 - 2012 to develop and deliver a purpose-designed Disability Day Centre in Dien Ban, (near Hoi An) Central Vietnam. The Centre meets pressing needs for 60 - 80 disabled and disadvantaged children in the area and provides access to urgent health, physiotherapy and educational needs.

The Disability Day Centre has also provided educational opportunities for students from RMIT University (RMIT) and RMIT International University Vietnam (RIUV). In January 2010 a group of RMIT students worked with AWF, the Kianh Foundation and the local community as part of the Building the Community Design Studio. The project will offer RMIT and RIUV students ongoing opportunities for cross cultural engagement, learning and teaching across a number of disciplines.

AWF would like to thank BURO Architects and Interiors and Chamberlain Javens Architects for their probono assitance in completing the design.

Final Update: May 2012

We are pleased to announce that the Dien Ban Disability Day Care Centre was officially opened on the 11th of April 2012.

Architects Without Frontiers has worked with locally based NGO The Kianh Foundation and RMIT University since 2008, to design and deliver this facility, which will provide access to urgent health, physiotherapy and educational needs.

It has been a long journey, starting off with seed funding from the Planet Wheeler Foundation and gaining major construction funding from RMIT. We thank these organisations, along with pro bono architects BURO and Chamberlain Javens Architects for all their support. We also thank all the volunteers, staff, students and everyone who has been associated with the project.

As Nick Keegan, Business Director of the The Kianh Foundation stated "this project has delivered a tangible benefit to children with dsaibility in VIetnam and is an excellent example of what can be achigeved with the international community and the Vietnamese authorities cooperate".

For further details, visit The Kianh Foundation, on their Facebook page or website.

Progress Updates

January 2012: Construction is almost complete on the Dien Ban Disability Day Care Centre.

Currently the internal fit out of this fantastic new building is beginning. The external structure, the ceilings and floor tiling have already been completed. The electrical, plumbing and internal finishes are still to be done.

The workers and our staff have now finished for the TET holiday but will resume in early February. Chuc Mung Nam Moi! (Happy New Year!).

Keep following the progress and get involved in this exciting project. The Disability Centre will make a huge difference to the lives of children with disability and their families on the Kianh Foundation facebook page.

December 2011:

Construction has continued at a remarkable pace. The superstructure is complete and the roof is on and tiled. The Kianh Foundation has been working tirelessly to get the project to this state before the end of the year and they have done a great job. It is an impressive structure and we are looking forward to seeing completion in the new year. Congratulations to all.

September 2011:

Construction is underway on the Centre!

These images show the building in the third week of construction and the foundations almost complete.

July 2011:

The final Architectural, Mechanical and Engineering drawings were checked by BURO architects and AWF before going to tender. In this process the drawings were checked for compliance to code, suitability of design and the plans will be assessed against their original intent.

During July the Bidding Dossier was compiled including all instructions, timelines and necessary documents for the Tenderers. This Bidding Dossier was checked by the Kianh Foundation and AWF prior to being released. The Bidding Committee also took on the advice of the Kianh Foundation when choosing the 5 builders to be involved in the limited closed Tender.

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