Waste Management Project

Everest Region, Nepal


Project Leader : Beau Beza
Client : Everest Track Communities
Current Status : Ongoing


Project Summary :

AWF volunteers have been assisting Himalayan communities in Nepal with waste management and community development projects since 2003. AWF provides funding and volunteers for the development of waste management and education programmes and the construction of waste facilities such as incinerators and rubbish pits. To date, one incinerator has been constructed at the Sherlo Monastery, and a total of eight rubbish pits have been built in the villages of Pangkarma, Mopung, Phungmochhe, Sumjingma, Indingma and Ookpa.


Latest Update :

An RMIT ‘live’ studio was run in August/ September 2010. Despite clean-up efforts and management strategies, garbage continues to be an issue requiring attention along the Mt. Everest Trek. Students participating in the Nepal Study Tour built an incinerator for the Phungmochhe Monastery and Sherpa Buddhist School to help manage refuse generated from this facility. This construction method and waste management technique is a prototype being developed for future RMIT based study tours and use by World Expeditions’ not for profit division, Community Project Travel.

The studio will not run in 2011, but AWF are hoping to schedule another trip for 2012.


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