Bholu 5

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Download: Bholu 5 Plans

Bholu 5 was another renovation. The existing anganwadi occupied the front room of a house owned by a member of the Sabarmati Bilvas community. The children also had access to a courtyard outside this house and in front of another. The shading of this area was an important consideration for the long hot summers, however, it was soon realised that we would be unable to build the shade structure over the play area as it would impede solar access to the existing household behind. Also, this site was particularly susceptible to monsoonal flooding, so some the initial design ideas had to be reconsidered (such as a large outdoor seat and play structure) in order not to create water catchments and larger problems in the area. The main objectives again in this school were to bring more light and air into a very small, dark space.

The front of the room was extended out as far as possible and every effort was made to maintain the existing tree to the exterior. The building was stepped around the tree and a small seat installed around it for the children. The existing toilet was upgraded and additional wash areas provided with access for both the preschool and the existing home owners.

Some lessons were learnt from Bholu 4 where new, cheaper windows had buckled under the weight of the structure. For Bholu 5 better quality, more expensive secondhand windows were sourced from the markets and provided a fantastic opportunity for allowing light into the space. Finally the garden theme was again used in the exterior painting of the building which is now clearly identifiable as a ’Bholu‘.




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