Bholu 4

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Download: Bholu 4 Plans

Bholu 4 was a renovation of an existing and functioning anganwadi. The site location of this anganwadi was quite beautiful - facing onto an open, vegetated community courtyard space with views to the Sabarmati river. However, the existing structure was dark, poorly ventilated and did not have toilet facilities.

The idea for this design was to extend the existing building toward the community space and raise the roof. Extra ventilation grilles (constructed by the builder) were then to be added in the tops of the higher walls and windows were to be placed in the extension for additional light and air. At the front of the plot a new washroom, toilet and bench entry seat were provided.

Due to the close quarters of the residences, the neighbouring dwellings did dictate a large extent of the work we did and where windows and grilles were placed.

Although only fairly simple changes were able to be made, they had a big effect on the usefulness and usability of the space. With its increased size the new building will now also be used as a public meeting space to provide extra amenity to the people who live within the community. The building has been painted to fit in with the colour scheme of the neighbourhood, with a little bit of extra fun and colour to provide a spring-like garden space for the children to play around.




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