Bholu 8

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May 2010

After a few delays & festival holidays, Bholu 8 was inaugurated on Wednesday 3 March 2010.

Over 50 locals, mothers and volunteers watched the anganwadi kids take their first class in a colourful inviting room and danced garba in the garden.

Bholu 8 is a fun space which incorporates beautiful colourful woven screens of colourful ‘katlo’ (or woven panels used as beds in the slums) as well as a garden of donated plants, a swing, playground and a brand new septic system.

The AWF volunteers spent a long time working on the finishing details like katlo frames, painting, interior murals, the tire playground and the scrap metal fence. The volunteers were able to participate in a lot of physical work themselves and therefore the finished product was even more rewarding to them and the community that helped them. They were also delighted to have the honour of seeing the anganwadi kids come into their new space for the first time, smiling with wonder at the colourful mural and light filled room.

December 2009

The construction of Bholu 8 Anganwadi in the Gandhivas slum is coming along smoothly. All of the doors, windows and walls have swiftly gone up, and by Christmas we expect to have a roof built, and to begin construction of the stage and stairs the following week.

The next few weeks will also involve us getting out hands dirty, painting the windows and doors with help from other volunteers, and the katlos are being woven by a local resident. There is work to be done designing and building the cupboards and finding recycled furniture and trough and a suitable surface treatment for the outside wash area.

We are very pleased with the progress that has been made and will continue to keep you all updated.




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