The Anganwadi Project

Ahmedabad, India

Project Leader : Jane Rothschild
Client : Jodie Fried, Bohlu Pty. Ltd.
Current Status : Ongoing
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Project Summary :

The Anganwadi 'Preschool' Project is a project that seeks to rehabilitate, build and renovate 66 preschools in the slums of Ahmedabad, India. The project is run collaboratively by 'The Anganwadi Project' with local NGO Manav Sadhna and Bholu Pty Ltd. The anganwadi’s are renovated using sustainable and participatory design methods.

Click on the links below to see images and information from each year of the project

2007 Projects: Bholu 1, Bholu 2
2008/2009 Projects: Bholu 3, Bholu 4, Bholu 5 Bholu 6, Bholu 7
2009/2010 Projects: Bholu 8, Bholu 9
2010/2011 Projects: Bholu 10
The Anganwadi Project is looking for committed and energetic volunteers for its building season in Ahmedabad, India. The applicant must be a graduate or registered architect with a minimum of 2 years post-graduate experience including experience liaising with builders on site.

The commitment is a minimum of 4-6 months from November- April, however dates are flexible. See for more information about the project.


Project Background

In 2007 Architects Without Frontiers joined forces with Manav Sadhna, an NGO Based in Ahmedabad, and Jodie Fried of Bholu Pty Ltd, to rebuild 66 Anganwadi in the slum communities of Tekra. Architects Without Frontiers provides skilled volunteers and architectural support for the constructions, with teams of volunteers traveling to Ahmedabad each building season to design and help construct the one room class rooms. The first building year was 2008, with 5 anganwadis being completed in that year with the help of funding from the City of Melbourne which donated $21,000 towards the project. The first building to be constructed in 2007 was named Bholu 1, and each consecutive building has been named Bholu 2, Bholu 3, etc.

Project Representative and Project Partner: Bholu - Jodie Fried

Jodie Fried founded Bholu in 2005. Bholu products are designed in Australia and are brought to life by the hands of traditional Indian artisans. The philosophy behind Bholu is to create unique homeware products while benefiting the Gujarati community of women artisans employed by Bholu. By using their traditional skills, the women artisans gain an income, independence and opportunity. Part of the proceeds from Bholu products sales go back to the women and their communities and also help fund education facilities and other programs for the underprivileged children. In 2008, Bholu won the NSW Telstra Business Awards for Social Responsibility for demonstrated leadership by a business to education, environment, people and the community. The Anganwadi Project was initiated through the work of Bholu, after a nine-year association with Manav Sadhna.

Client and Project Partner: Manav Sadhna Manav Sadhna is an NGO based at Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad. Manav Sadhna is a registered trust in India and a non-profit in the USA. The organisation is comprised of a young group of dedicated individuals working for the upliftment of poor and needy children. Inspired by the Ghandian principle of truth, non-violence, uplifting the poor and oppresed, promoting health and sanitation, and to educate the poor masses, Manav Sadhna has begun a movement to adapt these ideals to the current and complex issues facing not only India, but the world. Manav Sadhna wishes to plant the seeds of hope and inspiration among all people, especially those children who have been neglected by society.

Project Seed Funding

City Of Melbourne | Eco Edge Conference | Rob Adams

In March 2008, The City of Melbourne allocated profits from the Ecoedge Conference for donation to an AWF project. In October 2008, a proposal was submitted to the City of Melbourne and $21,000 of these funds was allocated to the Bholu/AWF Anganwadi project.

AWF Project Volunteers 2007/08:

Jane Rothschild
Jodie Fried
Paul Tilse

AWF Project Volunteers 2008/09:

Leeanne Marshall - Project Leader – Bholu 3, 4 and 5
Harrison Gardner - Project Liaison – Bholu 3, 4 and 5
Adele Winteredge – Bholu 7
Ranae Tapley – Bholu 7
Fahmi Ahmed – Bholu 7
Simon Hearn – Bholu 6

AWF Project Volunteers 2009/10:

Sam Russell (Team Leader – October to December 2009) - Bholu 8 and 9
Rafael Urquiza - Bholu 8
Jesús Porras Montesino - Bholu 8
Lily Lim - Bholu 9
Jesse Newstadt - Bholu 9
Jillian Hopkins (Team Leader – January 2010) – Bholu 10



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